Present in the Champlain Valley for much of the 20th century, this grassland loving bee hasn't been seen in VT since 2000. Significant declines have been noted across the northern part of it its range, though it is still a common bee in many places in the Southeast and Midwest. A population persists north of Lake Ontario, indicating it may one day re-appear in VT.

Identification: A large, short-haired species. Females have a BYYB pattern on the abdomen with a long face and dark wings. Males can have a similar pattern but usually with considerably more yellow, often appearing entirely yellow.

Similar Species: Female Yellow-banded Bumble Bee (Bombus terricola) and Black-and-gold Bumble Bee (Bombus auricomus) share a similar color pattern. Males can be quite similar to male Golden Northern Bumble Bee (Bombus fervidus) but have a small orange tip on there abdomen.

Global Status: Vulnerable (G3)

Vermont Status: Endangered (listed February 2022)


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