Imperiled globally and threatened in Vermont this has been one of the bumble bees species of greatest concern. Like other species in the subgenus Bombus, Yellow-banded Bumble Bees showed drastic declines in the early 2000’s, but has rebounded nicely in most of Vermont (though not as much in other parts of its range). It can be found statewide, though it is more abundant in the cooler parts of the state.

Identification: Among common Vermont bees, this species is unique with a BYYBBB abdominal pattern and a thorax that is predominantly black on the rear 2/3rds.

Similar Species: Two other species previously found in Vermont, American Bumble Bee (Bombus pensylvanicus) and Black-and-gold Bumble Bee (Bombus auricomus) have similar patterns and may one day re-appear in the Champlain Valley. Both are larger bees with a less fuzzy look and darker wings.

Known or Suspected Parasites: Ashton’s Cuckoo Bumble Bee (Bombus ashtoni)

Global Status: Vulnerable (G3)

Vermont Status: Threatened


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