Globally vulnerable and S1/S2 in Vermont, this species has perhaps the most specific habitat needs of any Bumble Bee currently found in VT. Formerly widely distributed in the state this species appears to need large, open fields and consequently is currently very rare outside of the Champlain Valley.

Identification: A large yellow species with a thin black line between the wings. Long black face with yellow wing pits.

Similar Species: Northern Amber Bumble Bee (Bombus borealis): With amber hair instead of yellow. Northern Amber also has black armpits, yellow hair on the face, and a thicker line between the wings.

American Bumble Bee (Bombus pensylvanicus): Females have black on T1, but males can be very similar to Golden Northern, though usually have at least a few orange/red hairs on T7. Last seen in VT in 2000, this species still persists to the south and west of Vermont.


Global Status: Vulnerable (G3)

Vermont Status: Critically Imperiled (S1)


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