Bee Genera of Vermont

GenusCommon NameNumber of SpeciesFlight PeriodRelative AbundanceNotes
AgapostemonStriped Sweat Bees4May - OctoberCommon
AndrenaMining Bees67March - OctoberCommon
AnthidiellumRotund-resin Bees1July - SeptemberUncommon
AnthidiumWool Carder Bees2June - OctobeerCommon
AnthophoraDigger Bees2June - SeptemberCommon
ApisHoney Bees1Year Round*CommonOnly exists as a cultivated species in Vermont
Augochlora1May - NovemberCommon
Augochlorella1May - NovemberCommon
Augochloropsis1May - OctoberCommon
BombusBumblebees17April - NovemberCommon
CalliopsisCalliopsis Bees1June - AugustFairly Common
CeratinaSmall Carpenter Bees4April - OctoberCommon
ChelostomaScissor Bees1June - AugustRare
CoelioxysCuckoo Leaf-cutter Bees8June - SeptemberUncommon
ColletesCellophane Bees10April - OctoberCommon
DufoureaShort-faced Bees1July - AugustFairly Common
Epeoloides pilosulaMacropis Cuckoo Bees0June - AugustUnrecorded
EpeolusCellophane-cuckoo Bee4July - SeptemberUncommon
HalictusFurrow Bees4April - OctoberCommon
HeriadesResin Bees3June - SeptemberFairly Common
HolcopasitesCalliopsis Cuckoo Nomad Bee1JuneUncommon
HoplitisSmall-mason Bees5June - JulyFairly Common
HylaeusMasked Bees11May - SeptemberCommon
Lasioglossum58April - NovemberCommon
MacropisYellow Loosestrife Bee2June - AugustRare
MegachileLeafcutter Bees16June - OctoberCommon
MelissodesLong-horned Bees9July - SeptemberCommon
MellitaBlunt-horned Bees0April - JulyUnrecorded
NomadaCuckoo Nomad Bees31April - SeptemberCommon
OsmiaMason Bees15March - JulyCommon
ParanthidiumBurrowing-Resin Bee1July - AugustRare
PeponapisSquash Bees1July - SeptemberFairly Common
PerditaFairy Bees2July - SeptemberFairly Common
Pseudopanurgus2July - AugustFairly Common
SphecodesBlood Bees18May - OctoberFairly Common
StelisCuckoo Carder Bees3May - JulyRare
TriepeolusLonghorn-Cuckoo Bees3July - SeptemberUncommon
XylocopaLarge Carpenter Bees1May - OctoberFairly Common