Vernal pools are unique ecosystems with a diverse assemblage of species.

The most well-known creatures of vernal pools, frogs and salamanders, are only ephemeral residents in vernal pools. Other species, such as fairy shrimp and fingernail clams, spend their entire lifecycle in the vernal pool's basin. All of these animals have complex and diverse life histories which facilitate their breeding and survival in these temporary wetlands.

ClassSpeciesScientific NameState StatusSGCN
AmphibiaSpotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatumS5Medium
AmphibiaJefferson SalamanderAmbystoma jeffersonianumS2High
AmphibiaBlue-spotted SalamanderAmbystoma lateraleS3Medium
AmphibiaWood FrogLithobates sylvaticusS5
BranchiopodaFairy ShrimpEubranchipus sp.Not assessed
BivalviaFingernail ClamFamily: Sphaeriidae
InsectaCaddisflyOrder: Trichoptera

Other species accounts:

Four-toed Salamander