Watch a vernal pool come to life in this video series. Each short (2-5 minute) video reveals a different aspect of the natural history and ecology of these fascinating, keystone ecosystems.

VCE Conservation Biologist Steve Faccio visits a local vernal pool throughout the spring and summer of 2020. At each visit, he visually documents the changes with video clips and discusses what he finds.

Video one (April 1, 2020): Welcome to A Vernal Pool — This clip discusses the characteristics of vernal pools

Video two (April 8, 2020): Frogsicles — In this clip, Steve discusses the remarkable overwintering strategy of Wood Frogs.

Video three (also recorded on April 8, 2020): Wood Frog Breeding Activity — In this clip Steve discusses Wood Frog breeding activity, as males call to attract females. We also see some underwater footage of fresh Wood Frog eggs.

Video four (recorded on April 16, 2020): Predaceous Diving Beetle, Jefferson Salamander eggs, and more — This episode features a predaceous diving beetle in the Family Dytiscidae, salamander spermatophores, and freshly deposited Jefferson Salamander egg masses.

Video five (recorded on April 24, 2020): Spotted Salamander eggs — The story continues when Steve finds Spotted Salamander eggs in the pool!

Video six (recorded on April 29, 2020): Fairy Shrimp — Learn about these tiny crustaceans that live out their entire lives in vernal pools.

Video seven (recorded on May 8, 2020): Wood Frog tadpoles, and more — Life has exploded in the pool! Watch underwater footage of tadpoles, Caddisfly larvae, and Eastern Newts.

Video eight (recorded on June 19, 2020): Early-summer check in — Early-summer is a race against time for the amphibian larvae that are developing in these ephemeral pools.