Vermont Vernal Pool Data Sheet (pdf 491 KB) (Be sure to also download the Data Sheet instructions below)

Data Sheet Instructions (pdf 198 KB)


Join the Vermont Vernal Pool Google Group, a forum to share information related to vernal pools — from vernal pool ecology and conservation, to natural history of vernal pool wildlife.  During the spring, we encourage reports of amphibian movements from across the state to better track the phenology of breeding and road-crossing events.


Vernal Pool Indicator Species I-D Sheet (pdf 1 MB)

Field ID Cards for Northeast Vernal Pool Indicator Species (pdf 2.4MB) and Field ID Cards for Vermont Vernal Pool Indicator Species (pdf 2.1 MB) — compiled by Dawn Morgan, University of Maine

Key to Amphibian eggs and larvae (pdf 1.8MB) — This key to identification of amphibian eggs and larvae of Minnesota includes most species found in VT.

The Orienne Society’s Vernal Pool Biodiversity Workshop (video, 32 minutes)