Cuckoo Carder Bees (Stelis) are rare kleptoparasites of other Megachilidae.

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Species Accounts

Constrained Cuckoo Carder Bee
Federal Cuckoo Carder Bee
Spot-sided Dark Bee
Sixteen-spotted Cuckoo Carder Bee

Stelis coarctatus
Stelis foederalis
Stelis lateralis
Stelis permaculata

European Small-Woolcarder (Pseudoanthidium nanum) – A safe bet that it shows up in VT by 2025

Florentine Wool-carder Bee (Anthidium florentinum)

Northeastern Pebble Bee (Dianthidium simile)

Unless otherwise specified, photos are courtesy of Margarita Miklasevskaja at PCYU with funding from NSERC-CANPOLIN.

Please note that many of our datasets have not been published yet, so the maps are incomplete.