Cuckoo Carder Bees (Stelis) are rare kleptoparasites of other Megachilidae. Four species are known from the state, but they've each only been found a few times at most. Several other species are known from neighboring states and may also occur here. Also known as "Dark Bees".

Genus level ID: Most bees in this genus are small and dark with pale yellow spots and few hairs. ID from photos is possible, and since this genus is so rare, abundant and sharp photos are warranted if possible.

Similar Genera: Most likely to be confused with two of their host genera, Small Mason Bees (Genus Hoplitis) and Armored-Resin Bees (Genus Heraides).


Unless otherwise specified, photos are courtesy of Margarita Miklasevskaja at PCYU with funding from NSERC-CANPOLIN.

Please note that many of our datasets have not been published yet, so the maps are incomplete.