Small and unassuming, armored-resin bees are cavity-nesting members of the Megachilidae family. Three species have been recorded in Vermont, though species-level identification from photos is very unlikely. They tend to be active later in the season than the similar Small Mason Bees (Hoplitis), thought there is some overlap. Host to at least one species of Cuckoo Carder Bee (Stelis).

Female Resin Bee

Genus level ID – These are small and relatively nondescript bees. Most similar to Small Mason Bees (Hoplitis), which are larger and generally active earlier in the summer. With a close view, Armored-Resin Bees are covered in distinct pits, making them look armored.


Unless otherwise specified, photos are courtesy of Margarita Miklasevskaja at PCYU with funding from NSERC-CANPOLIN.