Though present in Vermont for less than 20 years, this species can easily be found in many urban and disturbed habitats. Look for Birds-foot Treefoil and this bee is likely nearby.

 Identification: Small, fast and often on Birds-foot Treefoil. 

Similar Species: The larger European Wool Carder Bee (Anthidium manicatum) has a preference for tall, purple flowers and rarely visits Birds-foot Treefoil. The Northern Rotund-resin Bee (Anthidiellum notatum) is slightly smaller and often visits Birds-foot Treefoil, occasionally right next to Oblong Woolcarders. The abdominal pattern reliably separates the two – also look for dark wings on the Rotund-resin Bee. 

Global Status: Secure (G5)

Vermont Status: Introduced


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