This is an abundant and distinctive species active from late spring through the early fall. Females are unmistakable, while males are very similar to males of the 3 other Agapostemon species in VT. A communal nester that often makes its home in lawns and gardens.

Identification: The combination of the green thorax and black and white striped abdomen is unique in our area. Males, which are only active at the end of the season, have a yellow and black striped abdomen like the other male in the genus. Unlike other species, male Bicolored tend to be dark under the abdomen.

Similar Species: Female Silky Striped Sweat Bee (Agapostemon sericeus) can occasionally have faint white hair bands on the abdomen, but on a green background.

Known or Suspected Parasites: Scalloped Cuckoo Sweat Bee (Sphecodes dichrous), Davis’s Cuckoo Sweat Bee (Sphecodes davisii), Articulated Nomad (Nomada articulata)

Global Status: Secure (G5)

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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