This unique bee is at the northern edge of its range here. Currently only known from the warmer valleys, though possibly spreading. Among the Long-horned Bees, it's also unique in its varied diet, which includes many garden plants such as beans, corn, and cucumbers.

Identification: The only all black, hairy bee in VT. Females can be further recognized by two small white dots near the end of their abdomen. Males have a variable amount of pale hairs, but are still pretty unique.

Similar Species: Highly worn or wet bumble bees (Bombus) can be a similar size and mostly dark, but almost always still have some pale hairs.

Known or Suspected Parasites: Lunate Longhorn-Cuckoo (Triepeolus lunatus) – Not yet recorded in VT, but possible in the future.

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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