Ophiogomphus carolus (Riffle Snaketail)The most common member of its genus in Vermont. Reasonably well distributed in streams and swift rivers (or portions thereof) with sandy or rocky substrate (perhaps explaining its absence from the Champlain Valley). Can be locally abundant at certain sites. Apparently secure in Vermont, it is a likely candidate for removal from the list of SGCN. Though all members of this genus in Vermont have fairly similar flight seasons, Riffle Snaketail is among our first to emerge and first to disappear for the year. One method for netting this species (and its congeners) on a river is to hold an insect net low and horizontal over the flowing water so that individuals investigate it as a potential resting spot.

Conservation Status

State: S4S5, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G5

Flight Period

May 25 – July 12

More Information

Vermont Distribution