With a goal of expanding knowledge and promoting conservation, the Vermont Damselfly and Dragonfly Atlas is dedicated to open data. This atlas is a free public resource.

Calopteryx aequabilis maleWith more than 10,000 records, the atlas data set resides at Odonata Central, which is North America’s largest and most reliable collection of on-line records for Odonata.

Major data sources for the project include nearly 7,000 records — spanning a period from 1891 to 2015 — assembled by Mike Blust and Bryan Pfeiffer for a 2015 publication on the odonata fauna of Vermont. Each year we expand the atlas by adding data submitted through the Vermont Atlas of Life’s iNaturalist portal. The atlas also includes records submitted directly to Odonata Central.

If you use this data, please cite us and send us a copy of the report or publication. Finally, data management takes time and money. Please consider supporting the atlas by making a donation to our parent project — the Vermont Atlas of Life.

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