0phiogomphus mainensis (Maine Snaketail)This “ophio” tends to be at higher-altitude, colder-water sites than its congeners in the state. It is more likely to be found in sites with Brook Snaketail (O. aspersus) than with Riffle Snaketail (O. carolus), but all three may at times co-occur. Sites are scattered in brooks and streams (occasionally rivers) with noticeable current over coarse cobble. Has the highest average elevation among its Vermont congeners, having been found in scattered sites along the spine of the Green Mountains. Most reliably found in the Northeast Highlands. Like other members of its genus, it prefers to rest on exposed tops of cobble in rivers.

Conservation Status

State: S3, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G4

Flight Period

June 17 – July 15

More Information

Vermont Distribution