Ophiogomphus aspersus (Brook Snaketail)Fairly well distributed in streams and rivers, mostly with sandy or fine gravel substrates. Seems to show a preference to the Northeastern Highlands (sampling bias may be a factor) but also scattered in a few sites fringing the Champlain Valley. Also seems to prefer siltier reaches than Riffle Snaketail (O. carolus), with which it can occur, but is also more likely than Riffle Snaketail to co-occur with Maine Snaketail (O. mainensis). Does not appear to be abundant at most of its sites. This species may be more secure than once believed in Vermont, making it a potential candidate for removal from the Vermont list of Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Like other members of its genus, it can sometimes be found resting on vegetation along riverbanks or, more often, on the emerged portion of rocks in a river or stream.

Conservation Status

State: S4, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G4

Flight Period

May 30 – August 17

More Information

Vermont Distribution