Stylogomphus albistylus (Eastern Least Clubtail)A small gomphid of small to medium, relatively shallow, rocky streams. Distribution deviates somewhat from patterns of other rocky river gomphids with which it often associates, such as the Ophiogomphus and Lanthus. Less likely to be found in higher elevations, and therefore more likely to be found in the Champlain Valley. Previous work (Blust 1980) suggested this species was most associated with woodland streams that had been warmed, such as outflows from ponds or streams that flowed through meadows then entered forests. This pattern seems to apply to most of the sites where it is found in Vermont. Flight season relatively late for a stream gomphid, approximating that of O. mainensis.

Status: G5 N5 S4

Flight Period: May 28 – August 8

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