Stylurus amnicola (Riverine Clubtail)Vulnerable or imperiled across much of its range and known only from exuviae collected at two sites, the Connecticut River below Vernon Dam and the mouth of the West River. Studies in New Hampshire have found evidence of this species further up the Connecticut River almost to the region of the Northeast Highlands. Preferred habitat appears to be clear rivers with moderate current and gravel or sandy (perhaps silty) substrate. Well-known elusiveness of adults suggests it may be found at other sites in Vermont, with searches for larvae or exuviae the most reliable survey method. Members of this genus, commonly known as the “hanging clubtails,” spend portions of the day resting on vegetation high in the tree canopy.

Conservation Status

State: S1, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G4

Flight Period

July 3 – July 22

More Information

Vermont Distribution