Brunner's Grouse Locust (Tetrix brunneri)

Brunner’s Grouse Locust (Tetrix brunneri) © Tyson Ehlers (iNaturalist)

Brunner’s Grouse Locust, also called Brunner Pygmy Grasshopper, is found from Oregon to Michigan and New York and northward. South in Rockies to at least Utah and Colorado.

There is variability in the species spelling and author year of Brunner’s Grouse Locust: Nature Serve Explorer lists this species as Tetrix brunnerii (Bolivar, 1887). The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) gives it as Tetrix brunneri (I. Bolivar, 1877) (TSN 650549).  The spelling is found both ways among various resources and links.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


The very few observations of Brunner’s Grouse Locust in iNaturalist were recorded in May and June.

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