Ornate Grouse Locust (Tetrix ornata)

Ornate Grouse Locust (Tetrix ornata) © Joe Bartok (iNaturalist)

These small grasshoppers are found east from Rockies, and south from southern Canada to Texas and North Carolina. The small size and coloring of the Ornate Grouse Locust can make them difficult to spot, as they blend into their surroundings. Look for them in the margins of streams, rivers, and other damp sandy areas. Like the Hooded Grouse Locust, when approached they may fly into the water to escape, where they are able to swim well.

Also called Ornate Grouse Grasshopper, Ornated Pygmy Grasshopper, BugGuide names as Ornate Pygmy Grasshopper

Conservation Status

Global: G5


iNaturalist observations from April – October, with peak in June.

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