Obscure Pygmy Grasshopper (Tetrix arenosa)

Obscure Pygmy Grasshopper (Tetrix arenosa) photo by Healthy Yards (iNaturalist)

The Obscure Pygmy Grasshopper is found in eastern North America, from Ontario south to Texas and eastward to the Atlantic coast.  Though sometimes found in drier areas, it is mainly seen along margins of ponds, streams, and woodland pools.

The Tetrix arenosa identified in Vermont by Ross T. Bell are of subspecies angusta -Tetrix arenosa angusta (Hancock, 1896).

Tetrex arenosa is also called Obscure Grouse Locust and Sand Pygmy Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


Adults of the Obscure Pygmy Grasshopper are seen much of year. It over-winters as adults, and nymphs are only found in mid-summer.

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