The following species accounts were created after the completion of the initial bumble bee atlas (2012-2014). Updated accounts can be found here.

The species profiles provide information on each of the 17 bumble bee species and one carpenter bee that have been recorded in Vermont. The table also includes information about Vermont and Federal Threatened and Endangered status, Regional and Vermont Species of Greatest Conservation Need from the Wildlife Action Plan, and assigned State and Global conservation ranks.

Common NameScientific NameThreatened and EndangeredSpecies of Greatest Conservation Need (Vermont/Regional)S-RankG-rank
Rusty-patched Bumble BeeBombus affinisState and Federally EndangeredVermont/RegionalSXG2
Ashton's Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus ashtoni (bohemicus)State EndangeredVermont/RegionalSXG3G5
Black and Gold Bumble BeeBombus auricomusSUG5
Two-spotted Bumble BeeBombus bimaculatusS5G5
Northern Amber Bumble BeeBombus borealisS4G4G5
Lemon Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus citrinusVermont/RegionalS2G4
Yellow Bumble BeeBombus fervidusVermont/RegionalS2S3G3G4
Fernald's Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus flavidusVermontS3G5?
Brown-belted Bumble BeeBombus griseocollisS4S5G5
Common Eastern Bumble BeeBombus impatiensS5G5
American Bumble BeeBombus pensylvanicusState EndangeredVermont/RegionalSHG3G4
Confusing Bumble BeeBombus perplexusVermontS4G5
Red-belted Bumble BeeBombus rufocinctusVermontS3G5
Sanderson's Bumble BeeBombus sandersoniS3G5
Tri-colored Bumble BeeBombus ternariusS5G5
Yellow-banded Bumble BeeBombus terricolaState ThreatenedVermont/RegionalS3G3G4
Half-black Bumble BeeBombus vagansS5G4
Eastern Carpenter BeeXylocopa virginicaS4G5