From the common to the rare, we need your help in recording bumble bees in Vermont. Nearly everyone knows what a bumble bee looks like and many of you are armed with a camera. Help us help the bees.

Adding your photo-observations to our Vermont Atlas of Life project on iNaturalist or at Bumble Bee Watch is easy. Once you sign up, check out the help and tutorials and then get outside and start collecting important data on bumble bees in your neighborhood, park, garden, meadow, or natural area.

Photographing Bumble Bees

With over a dozen species of bumble bees that closely resemble each other, be sure to check out our tips on how to photograph bumble bees to make it easier for experts to identify them.

Identifying Bumble Bees

Some species can be tricky and require magnification. But with a bit of practice and patiences, you can learn to identify many of Vermont’s species. Here are a few great resources: