Below is the list of bumble bee (Bombus) and large carpenter bee (Xylocopa) species that have been recorded in Vermont. Detailed information on phenology and distribution can be found through the species accounts linked in the table. The table also includes information about Vermont and Federal Threatened and Endangered status, Regional and Vermont Species of Greatest Conservation Need from the Wildlife Action Plan, and assigned State and Global conservation ranks.

Species accounts generated during the initial bumble bee atlas (circa 2015) can be found here.

SpeciesSubgenusCommon NameG-rankS-rankEndangered or ThreatenedSpecies of Greatest Concervation Need (VT/Regional)
Bombus auricomus(Bombias)Black-and-gold Bumble BeeG5SU
Bombus affinis(Bombus)Rusty-patched Bumble BeeG2SXState and Federally EndangeredHigh/Very High
Bombus terricola(Bombus)Yellow-banded Bumble BeeG3G4S3State ThreatenedHigh/Moderate
Bombus rufocinctus(Cullumanobombus)Red-belted Bumble BeeG5S3Medium/Not Ranked
Bombus fervidus(Fervidobombus)Golden Northern Bumble BeeG3G4S2S3Medium/Watchlist
Bombus pensylvanicus(Fervidobombus)American Bumble BeeG3G4SHState EndangeredHigh/Watchlist
Bombus ashtoni(Psithyrus)Ashton's Cuckoo-Bumble BeeG3G5SXState EndangeredHigh/Very High
Bombus citrinus(Psithyrus)Lemon Cuckoo-Bumble BeeG4S2Medium/Watchlist
Bombus flavidus(Psithyrus)Yellowish Cuckoo-Bumble BeeG5?S3Low/Not Ranked
Bombus insularis(Psithyrus)Indiscriminate Cuckoo-Bumble beeG3S1High/Watchlist
Bombus bimaculatus(Pyrobombus)Two-spotted Bumble BeeG5S5
Bombus impatiens(Pyrobombus)Common Eastern Bumble BeeG5S5
Bombus perplexus(Pyrobombus)Perplexing Bumble BeeG5S4
Bombus sandersoni(Pyrobombus)Sanderson's Bumble BeeG5S3
Bombus ternarius(Pyrobombus)Tricolored Bumble BeeG5S5
Bombus vagans(Pyrobombus)Half-black Bumble BeeG4S5
Bombus griseocollis(Separatobombus)Brown-belted Bumble BeeG5S4S5
Bombus borealis(Subterraneobombus)Northern Amber Bumble BeeG4G5S4