Although this is the most extensive atlas of Vermont Odonata ever assembled, our work is never done. Dragonflies and damselflies remain to be discovered in this state. You can help.

The list below includes species for which we have very little or no data. It includes species we suspect are flying in the state but have not yet been documented. So there is your challenge. Happy hunting! And when you find one of these, please report your sighting to us.

Taxonomic OrderCommon NameScientific NameVerified Vermont Records
1Great SpreadwingArchilestes grandisNone
2Subarctic BluetCoenagrion interrogatumFew
3River BluetEnallagma annaFew
4Double-striped BluetEnallagma basidensFew
5Turquoise BluetEnallagma divagansFew
6Big BluetEnallagma durumFew
7New England BluetEnallagma lateraleFew
8Slender BluetEnallagma traviatumFew
9Citrine ForktailIschnura hastataFew
10Gray PetaltailTachopteryx thoreyiNone
11Zigzag DarnerAeshna sitchensisFew
12Subarctic DarnerAeshna subarcticaFew
13Comet DarnerAnax longipesFew
14Cyrano DarnerNasiaeschna pentacanthaFew
15Skillet ClubtailGomphus ventricosusFew
16Midland ClubtailGomphus fraternusFew
17Cobra ClubtailGomphus vastusFew
18Pygmy SnaketailOphiogomphus howeiNone
19Extra-striped SnaketailOphiogomphus anomalusNone
20Common SanddragonProgomphus obscurusNone
21Riverine ClubtailStylurus amnicolaFew
22Arrow ClubtailStylurus spinicepsFew
23Lake EmeraldSomatochlora albicinctaFew
24Incurvate EmeraldSomatochlora incurvataOne
25Ringed BoghaunterWilliamsonia lintneriNone
26Umber ShadowdragonNeurocordulia obsoletaNone
27Banded PennantCelithemis fasciataFew
28White CorporalLadona exustaNone
29Painted SkimmerLibellula semifasciataFew
30Black MeadowhawkSympetrum danaeFew
31Ruby MeadowhawkSympetrum rubicundulumNone
32Carolina SaddlebagsTramea carolinaFew