This furry bee is relatively unique and distinctive. Its most often found in and around shrubby woodlands, where it spends much of its time either hovering around flowers or resting on leaves a few feet from the ground. While its diet is taxonomically broad, it seems to have a preference for long-tubed flowers. One of two Digger Bees known from VT, it occurs in small numbers throughout the state.

Identification: Females have a distinctive orange tip to their abdomen, while males have extensive yellow on the lower portion of their face. Both sexes are dingy gray/brown with indistinct hair bands on the abdomen that are occasionally worn off.

Similar Species: In shape and behavior, most similar to Bumble-bee-mimic Digger Bee (Anthophora bomboides), though most are easily separated by hair color and pattern.

Global Status: Secure (G5)

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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