Though recently found to collect pollen from other flowers, this species is most often associated with Trout Lilies, and most VT records are from hardwood forests in April and early May. Perhaps because of the early flight period, this species was not confirmed from VT until 2020, though has been found to be widespread and quite common in some forests.

Identification: A relatively large Mining Bee, this species can be recognized by the abundant medium-long hairs that are pale brown on the thorax and form indistinct bands on the abdomen. On females look for a flat clypeus with an unmarked mid line and long, plumeous scopal hairs on the tibia.

Similar Species: Long-lipped Mining Bee (Andrena barbilabris) is similar and common, but has more distinct white hair bands on the abdomen and seems to be associated with sandy areas.

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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