This is a tiny species that can be abundant on Golden Alexander and seems to be about as widespread as its host plant. See the note below about a recently re-described cryptic sister species.

A recent paper split Andrena ziziae into two species, both of which are known from VT and thought to be Golden Alexander specialists. This paper mentions one Franklin County record for Andrena vernalis, while Andrena ziziae has been found statewide, but more work is needed to establish the distribution and abundance of both species in the state. For now, iNat observations of small Andrena on ziziae are best identified to the subgenus – Micrandrena.

Identification: This is a tiny bee (6-7mm) with sparse hair, a slight metallic sheen, and white hair bands on the abdomen. Males have a yellow clypeus.

Similar Species: Other Mircandrena include Andrena ziziaeformis, the Rose Miner Bee (Andrena melanochroa) and two willow specialists.

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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