First found in 2020, this species is closely tied to Geraniums, with all Vermont records so far from Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum).

Female Cranesbill Miner © Spencer Hardy

Identification: Likely only identifiable from photos in association with its host flower. A medium-small Andrena with distinct hair bands on the abdomen.

Similar Species: This species is most closely related and similar to the Spring-Beauty Miner (Andrena erigeniae), which is active earlier and tied to different flowers, though will on occasion visit the “wrong” flower.

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: Not Ranked


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Distribution: This map shows both Wild Geranium (gray) and Cranesbill Miner (red). To see the global distribution for the bee, check out the iNaturalist account, and toggle the GBIF layer on the map.