Coenagrion interrogatum (Subarctic Bluet)Vermont’s first evidence of this species came from a single specimen taken in the vicinity of Dennis Pond by Hal White on 6 July 1975. Additional recent investigations at the Dennis Pond site, and a nearby bog, produced no evidence of the species. On 25 June 2006, while conducting a survey for the Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas, Tait Johanson encountered and photographed one male C. interrogatum at Lost Pond Bog on Mt. Tabor. One subsequent visit to Lost Pond Bog in 2007 (B. Pfeiffer and M. Blust) produced no evidence of the species. At the southern edge of its range, this damselfly almost certainly warrants further investigation in Vermont.

Conservation Status

Vermont: SHSU, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G5

Flight Period

June 25 – July 6

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