Enallagma annexum (Northern Bluet)Recently separated from its European counterpart Common Blue Damselfly (E. cyathigerum). Prior to that, gradation between Northern Bluet and Springtime Bluet (E. vernale) makes separating these two species difficult in the field. Efforts have been made to separate records of these two species in the state, but historic records without vouchers are problematic. Stoks and McPeek (2006) note that Northern Bluet is associated with fishless waters while Springtime Bluet is found where fish predation exists. This may correlate with elevational data that tends to favor Northern Bluet at higher altitudes and Springtime Bluet at lower altitudes. More careful observation and data on these two species is warranted.

Conservation Status

State: S3S4
Global: G5

Flight Period

May 23 – July 16

More Information

Vermont Distribution