Gomphus vastus (Cobra Clubtail)Yet another rare Vermont clubtail, initially known only from an exuvia along the Connecticut River below Vernon Dam. But an adult was finally documented in 2014 in Putney, significantly upriver of the dam. (Another exuvia has also been found farther north in New Hampshire across from Wells River). Although other sites may yet be discovered along the Connecticut River, it should be pointed out that this species is abundant (huge hauls of exuviae) at sites on the Connecticut River in Massachusetts. Typical habitat is large to medium mud- or silt-bottomed rivers. Adults can be found perching on vegetation near rivers, but investigation for exuviae or larvae remains the most effective survey method for this and other large-river species.

conservation Status

State: S1, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G5

Flight Period

June 9 – September 21

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Vermont Distribution