Sympetrum internum (Cherry-faced Meadowhawk)Once mid-summer arrives, this species becomes one of the most ubiquitous odonates of the late-summer and fall. Breeds in a range of waterbodies, from ditches to ponds. But adults occur in habitats relatively far from natal waters. Least likely to be found in the higher-elevation areas. Owing to the unsettled taxonomy of a species described as Jane’s Meadowhawk (S. janeae; Carle 1993), all Vermont records of Cherry-faced  and Jane’s Meadowhawks are here lumped as S. internum. Also, older literature records of Ruby Meadowhawk (S. rubicundulum) are assumed to have been S. internum.

Conservation Status

State: S5
Global: G5

Flight Period

June 13 – October 11

More Information

Vermont Distribution