Celithemis fasciata (Banded Pennant)The first Banded Pennant in Vermont was found on 1 August 2014. The perceptive naturalist Laura Gaudette found and photographed him while kayaking on Sadawga Lake in Whitingham.


Range of Banded Pennant (until its discovery in Vermont ).

The “pennants” are among the few dragonflies whose wings are marked a bit like butterflies. And they perch according to their name – like flags at the tip of twigs or stems. They even sway and pivot in the summer breezes.

Banded Pennant’s range is the south-central US into southern New England. This find represents a northern extension of this dragonfly in the region.

Conservation Status

State: SU, Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Global: G5

Flight Period

Unknown in Vermont. July-August.

More Information

Vermont Distribution