Slender Groundhopper (Tetrix subulata)

Slender Groundhopper (Tetrix subulata) © Sequoia Janirella Wrens (iNaturalist)

The Slender Groundhopper is found across the Palearctic: in North America, across much of Europe and Asia, from the British Isles east to Siberia, and to the southern parts of North Africa. It frequents mainly wet places: moist grasslands near streams, riverbanks and mudflats, but it is also sometimes found in drier places. (Wikipedia)

Other common names for the Slender Groundhopper: Slender Grouse Locust, Slender Pygmy Grasshopper, Granulated Grouse Grasshopper, Granulated Pygmy Grasshopper, Awl-shaped Pygmy Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


Bulk of iNaturalist observations recorded March – October.

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