Hooded Grouse Locust (Paratettix cucullatus)

Hooded Grouse Locust (Paratettix cucullatus) © Stephen Luk (iNaturalist)

The Hooded Grouse Locust is found in the eastern United States and southern Ontario.  There are reports it is also found west to Washington and Oregon.

Ranging from pale gray or ochre to a blackish slate color (either uniform or slightly mottled), the Hooded Grouse Locust blends into its surroundings, closely matching color and texture. Its preferred habitat is the margin of lakes, ponds, and streams, where it can be found sunning itself on stones that rise above the water.  When disturbed it flies, perhaps for several yards at a time and may land on the water, where it is able to swim. (Morse, 1920. p 535)

Also called Hooded Pygmy Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


iNaturalist has relatively few observations, in April – October.  A.P. Morse found adults in New England mid-July to late August (Morse, 1920).

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