This is one of the few Lasioglossum species thought to be a specialist. It is also one of the rarest bees known from VT, though the relatively obscure nature of its host plant might mean that this species is more common than we currently realize.

The Ground-Cherry Sweat Bee is one of 4 bees known from VT that are closely tied to plants in the genus Physalis. Globally, this species is relatively poorly known.

Identification: While many species of Lasioglossum visit Tomatillos and other Physalis, this one is distinctively large and all black. Female Ground Cherry Sweat Bees have a slightly bulging clypeus.

Similar Species: From photos, probably most similar to another specialist, the Evening Primrose Sweat Bee (Lasioglossum oenotherae) they are very unlikely to co-occur on the same flowers. 

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: S1


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