As the name implies, this is a specialist on the mustard family. Its specific plant preferences seem uncertain currently and has been found on both native ephemerals (i.e. Toothwort) and non-native, weedy Brassicaceae. At the northern edge of its range in VT, and very few records here, but perhaps overlooked?

Identification: Positive Identification from photos is unlikely, though in conjunction with the host plant may be possible. Males are one of a few spring species with a pale clypeus, which tends to be white or off-white in this species vs. yellow in others.

Similar Species: Females are perhaps most similar to Andrena aligida, a willow specialist which is not yet recorded from VT, but almost certainly occurs here. Males should be compared to Miserable Mining Bees (Andrena miserabilis).

Global Status: Not Ranked

Vermont Status: Not Ranked

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