Mammals of Vermont

Common NameScientific NameState StatusSGCN
Eastern Gray SquirrelSciurus carolinensisS5 (Secure)
Eastern ChipmunkTamias striatusS5 (Secure)
American Red SquirrelTamiasciurus hudsonicusS5 (Secure)
Northern Flying SquirrelGlaucomys sabrinusS4 (Apparently Secure)Medium Priority
Southern Flying SquirrelGlaucomys volansS5 (Secure)Medium Priority
Meadow Jumping MouseZapus hudsoniusS5 (Secure)
Woodland Jumping MouseNapaeozapus insignisS5 (Secure)
White-footed DeermousePeromyscus leucopusS5 (Secure)
North American DeermousePeromyscus maniculatusS5 (Secure)
Southern Red-backed VoleMyodes gapperiS5 (Secure)
Rock VoleMicrotus chrotorrhinusS2 (Imperiled)High Priority
Eastern Meadow VoleMicrotus pennsylvanicusS5 (Secure)
Woodland VoleMicrotus pinetorumS3 (Vulnerable)High Priority
Northern Bog LemmingSynaptomys borealisSU (Unrankable, Lack of Information)High Priority
Southern Bog LemmingSynaptomys cooperiS2 (Imperiled)Medium Priority
Norway RatRattus norvegicusSNA (Non-Native)
House MouseMus musculusSNA (Non-Native)
Masked ShrewSorex cinereusS5 (Secure)Medium Priority
Long-tailed ShrewSorex disparS2 (Imperiled)High Priority
Smoky ShrewSorex fumeusS4 (Apparently Secure)Medium Priority
American Pygmy ShrewSorex hoyiS2 (Imperiled)High Priority
American Water ShrewSorex palustrisS3 (Vulnerable)High Priority
Northern Short-tailed ShrewBlarina brevicaudaS5 (Secure)
Hairy-tailed MoleParascalops breweriS4 (Apparently Secure)Medium Priority
Star-nosed MoleCondylura cristataS5 (Secure)
Long-tailed WeaselMustela frenataS3S4Medium Priority
ErmineMustela ermineaS5 (Secure)

General References for Species Profiles

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