Order Rodentia

Family Sciuridae

Basic Description 


Mature hardwood forest with a high proportion of mast producing trees such as oak, beech, or hickory. Squirrels prefer habitat with sufficient canopy cover to provide consistent above ground travel to avoid predators.

Vermont Range 

Gray squirrels are found throughout the state, but the best habitat and highest population densities are found in the oak-rich hardwood forests of the Champlain Valley, Connecticut River Valley and southern Vermont.



Breeding occurs in two periods each year, January and June. After a gestation period of 40-45 days, a litter of 2-4 young are born. Young are weaned between 8-10 weeks old and will remain with their mother until the second litter is born, or sometimes through the winter for litters born in the summer. Life expectancy is 1-2 years.

Conservation Status

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