Epitheca princeps (Prince Baskettail)Our “river” Epitheca is distributed somewhat reliably on major rivers, particularly the Connecticut River,and most reliably along Lake Champlain. Can be relatively common at some sites, but also appearing singly away from its lowland habitats in “inland” locations in the state. Although it can be found along forest edges, roads and fields (Nikula 2003), this seems to be less the case in Vermont, where E. princeps is often found near or above water (and often out of reach). Most individuals in Vermont show moderate wing markings. One method of netting a patrolling “princeps” is to elevate your net ring high and hold it still until an unsuspecting individual comes too close for its own good.

Conservation Status

State: S5
Global: G5

Flight Period

June 12 – August 30

More Information

Vermont Distribution