Chloealtis conspersa

Sprinkled Locust (Chloealtis conspersa) © Alex Karasoulos (iNaturalist)

Sprinkled Locusts are common in low brush and grassy patches in old growth wooded areas where there is plenty of brush and old downed wood nearby.

They are found in northern United States and southern Canada, eastward from the Rocky Mountains. South in the Rockies as far as northern New Mexico.

They are also called Sprinkled Broad-winged Grasshopper, Sprinkled Grasshopper, and Sprinkled Black-side Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


Sprinkled Locust lay their eggs in soft or rotting wood. They overwinter as eggs, hatching in spring or early summer, with adults mostly from June to August, but with some living well into autumn.

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