Pasture Locust (Orphulella speciosa)

Pasture Locust (Orphulella speciosa) © Mathew L. Brust (iNaturalist)

The Pasture Locust ranges widely in North American grasslands from east of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Coast and from southern Canada to northern Mexico. (Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin).

The primary habitat of this grasshopper is grassland/herbaceous, where it feeds on grasses.

Also called Slant-faced Pasture Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


Adults generally seen in July or very early August, the exact date range dependent on location.  In the Manual of the Orthoptera of New England, the author states that adults begin to appear the first week in July, are abundant in August and the first half of September, and become scarce in October. (Morse, 1920)

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