Mottled Sand Grasshopper (Spharagemon collare)

Mottled Sand Grasshopper (Spharagemon collare) © Mathew L. Brust (iNaturalist)

Although locally distributed, the Mottled Sand Grasshopper has a wide geographic range in North America, where it is found in the northern United States and southern Canada.

Its preferred habitat consists of sandy soil covered by sparse grasses and forbs. Localized populations may also be found in sand blowouts and sandy banks of lakes and streams. Active in the daytime, it spends both its active and quiet time on the ground.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


The Mottled Sand Grasshopper overwinters as eggs, hatching mostly late spring. Adults are seen mostly in summer, though some last until frost. In southern locations they are sometimes common as early as late June.

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