The VAL team worked with artist Katama Murray to create this eye-catching design to raise awareness and some funds for the Vermont Atlas of Life. Katama created each drawing using an archival pen, and then transformed them digitally to make the entire composition into the shape of the wonderful state of Vermont.

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Can You Identify all the Species?

We chose 39 species to include in the graphic. Some are favorites, some iconic, others have neat conservation stories. How many can you identify? Click on the map to see a larger image and when you’ve written down all your answers, visit the key to see how you did. No cheating!

About the Artist

Katama Murray is an eco artist, aspiring educator, and naturalist. Originally from the coast of Downeast Maine, her work is inspired by the earth’s natural rhythm and humanity’s interconnectedness to the environment. Living and studying throughout various parts of New England, she has always been influenced by the outdoors and the way in which we interact with it. With her BFA in Printmaking and Art History from Plymouth State University, she strives to learn and teach together with people of all ages, hoping to inspire others to become more connected to our only planet. Her work explores the combination of multiple printmaking and textile techniques that utilize natural materials and a sustainable mindset. In 2020 she will continue her graduate studies at Indiana University Bloomington, focusing on her MFA in Printmaking. To learn more about her work please visit: