Results from our Fairy Shrimp survey doubled the number of species known in Vermont…from one to two. Previously, the Knob-lipped Fairy Shrimp (Eubranchipus bundyi) was the only species confirmed in Vermont. We suspected the state had additional species and we now know Vermont also hosts the Smooth-lipped Fairy Shrimp (Eubranchipus intricatus). Both species are widespread across North America, but the Smooth-lipped Fairy Shrimp is considered rare in nearby Massachusetts, where it is listed as a “Species of Special Concern.” Learn more about fairy shrimp natural history and this inventory project from Steve Faccio.


We sampled fairy shrimp at 25 vernal pools across Vermont. We discovered Smooth-lipped Fairy Shrimp at 9 pools in Pomfret, Sharon, Strafford, and Berlin. The Knob-lipped Fairy Shrimp was more widespread, occupying 20 pools from the Champlain Islands, west to Danville, and south to Woodstock. We are hoping to eventually find Spring Fairy Shrimp (E. vernalis), which is common in Massachusetts and southern New England, and the Holman Fairy Shrimp (E. holmanii), which has been documented in both New York and Quebec.

Vermont Records

You can view and download all of the Vermont fairy shrimp primary occurrence records from the VAL Data Explorer.