Cooperating Organizations and Agencies

Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE)
Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)
Natural Heritage Information Project of the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
Vermont Entomological Society
Green Mountain National Forest
The Nature Conservancy of Vermont

The Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation

Major Sponsors and Supporters

Financial support was provided by the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife – Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program, the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife – State Wildlife Grants, the William P. Wharton Trust, the Windham Foundation, ESRI: Environmental Systems Research Institute and individual supporters and donors.

Founding Steering Committee Members

Jon Atwood, Antioch New England Graduate School
Chip Darmstadt, North Branch Nature Center
Mark Ferguson, Nongame and Natural Heritage Program, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
Scott and Rachael Griggs, Vermont Entomological Society
Clayton Grove, Green Mountain National Forest
James Hedbor, Vermont Entomological Society
Kent McFarland, Vermont Center for Ecostudies
Donald H. Miller, Professor Emeritus of Zoology/Ecology, Department of Sciences, Lyndon State College, Vermont
Rose Paul, The Nature Conservancy of Vermont
Bryan Pfeiffer, Vermont Bird Tours
Michael Sabourin, Vermont Entomological Society
Susan Sawyer
Jerry Schneider, Inventor, The Butterfly Game
Amy L. Seidl

Project Staff

Kent McFarland, Director
Bryan Pfeiffer, Coordinator and Field Biologist (2002-2007)
Sara Zahendra, Technician (2008 – present)
Jessica Miller, Field Biologist (2006-2007)
Brendan Collins, Field Biologist (2005-2007)
Ainsely Close, Field Biologist (2003)
Ryan Gamble, Field Biologist (2003)
Sylvia Harris, Field Biologist (2004-2005)
Julie Hart, Field Biologist (2007)

Technical Assistance

Alex Grkovich, Erynnis (Duskywing) determinations
Jane O’Donnell, Study design, Connecticut Butterfly Atlas Project
Harry Pavulaan, Celastrina and Tiger Swallowtail complex determinations
James Scott, Phyciodes determinations
Mark Wimer, online database during field work, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center


This project could not have been accomplished without the dedicated contributions of many thousands of hours in the field by more than 140 volunteer butterfly enthusiasts, all of whom are listed below. The 22 individuals highlighted by bold lettering each collected over 500 records for the survey. We simply could not have achieved our project goals without the incredible help of all our volunteers. Thank you!

Frances Adams, Toby Alexander, Rolf Anderson, Terri Armata, Jon Atwood, Anne Aversa, Philip Ballou, Nathan Banfield, Valerie Banschbach, Lauren Beaulieu, Michelle Beaulieu, Julie Becker, Jane Belcher, Larry Berrin, Michael Blust, Leah Bodin, Maddy Bodin, Meg Boyle, Ernie Buford, Thom Bullock, Jeff Burkert, Mary Burnham, Jim Bush, Owen Campbell, Phyllis Campbell, Richard Casagrande, Jim Chace, Robert Clark, Elizabeth Cooper, Pete Corradino, Anju Dahiya, Chip Darmstadt, Ann Day, Robert Dirig, Jo-Ann Doyle, Jo-Ann Ecker, Jen Eilertsen, Charlie Eiseman, Betsy Eldredge, Marv Elliott, Steve Faccio, Mark Ferguson, Michael Ferraro, Joanne Finkel, Tom Fiore, Sarah Frey, Ted Gaine, Charles Gifford, Art Gilman, Alan Gregory, Rachael Griggs, Scott Griggs, Alex Grkovich, Clay Grove, Ed Hack, Sandy Hack, Greg Hanisek, Richard Harlow, Cynthia Harlow, Jim Hedbor, Connor Hemeon, Kevin Hemeon, Larry Hills, Susan Hindinger, David Hoag, Rob Hoelscher, Jenny Holan, Stacy Holt, Kathy Hudson, Linda Ionson, John Kamb, Carl Kamp, Kim Kendall, Warren King, Sally Kiser, Juan Klavins, Karen Kluge, Judy Lam, Dan Lambert, Jim Lambert, Patricia Lambert, Gary Ann Lewis, Gail Look, Solange Martineau, Ginny McGrath, Christopher Meehan, Laurie Miner, Tony Moore, Scott Morrical, Mike Muller, Cindy Myrick, Julie Nicholson, Beth Norris, Elinor Osborn, Neil Osborne, Sharon Osborne, Ann Ovitt, Gracey Palmer, Jackie Parker, Nikki Parker, Lyn Perrin, Doreen Peterson, Martha Pfeiffer, Randi Pickel, Amanda Pierce, Roy Pilcher, Joe Przypek, Martin Reiter, Roz Renfrew, Leif RIchardon, Sharon Riley, Chris Rimmer, Davie Rolnick, Julia Rolnick, Kristen Rose, Terry Rosenmeier, Judy Rosovsky, Michael Sabourin, Carrie Sansone, Susan Sawyer, Mara Schiff, Jerry Schneider, Mark Schiff, Michael Schumacher, Amy Seidl, Angela Shambaugh, Bill Shepard, Ruth Stewart, Shana Stewart, Susan Sussman, Arieh Tal, Gail Tiffany, Susan Tucker, Jane Vossler, Carol Wagner, Paul Wagner, Shirley Wagner, Joseph Whelan, Norma Wiesen, Ron Wiesen.


We dedicate the Vermont Butterfly Survey to Julie Nicholson, a longtime friend and dedicated VBS volunteer, whose extraordinary passion and commitment to wildlife conservation inspired us all. Julie’s many years of tireless work as a citizen scientist left a conservation legacy for generations to come. There is now an annual Julie Nicholson Citizen Science Award in her honor. Each awardee from 2009-2014 contributed significantly to the Vermont Butterfly Survey.