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The interactive map above shows how the state is divided into a grid of survey blocks, with those highlighted in red representing Priority Blocks and those highlighted in green representing Adopted Priority Blocks. Yellow blocks indicate Adopted Non-Priority Blocks.

Looking to get involved with the Second Vermont Butterfly Atlas?
The Atlas Block Mapper allows you to zoom to your region of interest and explore each priority block alongside information from the first Vermont Butterfly Atlas and much more.

To adopt a priority block, simply click on a red block of your choosing and click “Sign-Up”. This will take you to the sign-up form for your selected block. The other two links that appear when you click on a priority block provide a topographical map of the block as well as a list of all the butterfly species that have every been reported from within that block.

Reminder: To ensure even coverage of the state, please adopt a Priority Block if possible. If there are none available in your area, or you’d like to adopt a Non-Priority Block that encompasses your yard, you are of course welcome to do so.

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