Dawson's Spur-throat Grasshopper (Melanoplus dawsoni)

Dawson’s Spur-throat Grasshopper (Melanoplus dawsoni) © Dan L. Johnson (iNaturalist)

The range of Dawson’s Spur-throat Grasshopper includes northern grasslands from the Atlantic coast to the Great Basin of the West.

It is found in dry sandy soils, grassy fields and pastures overgrown with numerous bushes and shrubs, and also along woodland margins and thinly wooded hillsides.  It is active in daytime, and feeds primarily on forbs.

Conservation Status

Global: G5


At low altitudes adults of Dawson’s Spur-throat Grasshoppers are present from mid-July to mid-October, though at high altitudes (>8500 feet) the adult season is shorter.

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