New look at movements and distribution patterns of 807 bird species across the globe

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December 16, 2020 by Kent McFarland
The mesmerizing visualizations brought to you by the eBird Science team with the help of more than 9,000 Vermont eBirders and over 300,000 eBirders around the world offer a bird’s-eye view of avian movements. One could easily get lost in watching warblers and flycatchers migrate across continents—it’s an experience like no other.
This year, for the first time, the eBird Science team built models depicting movements, distribution, and abundance patterns for 179 species whose breeding range is outside of the United States and Canada and augmented an expanded set of species from the Americas. The team pulled in 6 million more eBird checklists from 3.5 million more locations and refined cutting-edge statistical models and machine learning techniques to visualize distribution and abundance patterns for 807 species.